I guess it’s about time that I wrote an “about” section of this blog! One year and more later–and 2900 hits I’m happy to report. I’m a radical feminist/lesbian theorist, independent scholar to date, former academic–although I still teach– who believes in the importance of theory for clarifying the big-picture of the situation facing us as activists and potential organizers of a revived women’s liberation movement.  You will notice that this blog is less “blog”-like in that I mostly publish short essays- well til now only publish short essays. That’s my “training” as a theorist; can’t seem to break it. But I also hope to include creative “nonfiction” type of material–stay tuned.

As for the blog’s title: I’m playing on Mary Daly’s sense of “spinning” as sustained creative paranoia—i..e pattern detection between seemingly disparate phenomena in what Nancy Meyer calls “neo-patriarchy” (neo-liberal capitalist patriarchy)–with a special interest/focus on coopted feminism–What i call “one dimensional feminism.”

“Dialectical” really refers to the same spinning process of showing historical, structural, material relations between seemingly different phenomena.  At least that’s my aspiration. “Dialectics” emphasizes that between two seemingly opposite phenomena there is a shared material basis–so for example, I see the liberal-lefty ideology floating neoliberal Obama to the presidency as dialectically related to right-wing politics since both are rooted in the same historical process of masculinist, corporate power as embedded in a (neo)liberal state (neoliberal as opposed to explicitly authoritarian say, or facist).  In my view, aspects of the liberal-left, and all the right are also dialectically related in terms of the ascendancy of patriarchy in neo-liberal clothing. Well that’s enough for now, I welcome questions and comments about this and anything else.

5 responses to “About

  1. Hey Kathy
    Just started to read your Blog after finding the link when I posted a message to you on Facebook via Susan Hawthorne … Great work – love it and look forward to reading more of it in spare moments.
    Thanks for the effort

  2. hah! beautiful “about”, Kathy. I especially like the last paragraph with that lovely explanation of the “dialectical”. I agree with Lariane.

  3. Though am not a radical feminist nor a lesbian theorist. Am just an African rural sociologist. I find your blog quite informative and interesting.

  4. Thanks “bishop” , enjoy.

  5. I am SO excited and relieved to have found your blog, and a gauntlet of other uplifting Women/Occupy related articles today! And So so so so so tickled that the issues I began batting around in my head and trying to figure out how to articulate since the beginning of my involvement with the Occupy Movement are being discussed! I have been in and out of the OccupyDC encampment for the last month and a half and would really be honored if I could share a letter I have written for the women occupiers. If you can spare the time, please email me.

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